Lesson Plans

Educators who have completed the Teaching Cleveland Institute (TCI) submit Cleveland-centered lesson plans.  Below are some samples of lesson plans that area teachers submitted to earn graduate credit through the TCI.  Feel free to peruse and use the lesson plans below if they would fit in your curricula.  All lesson plans are the property of Teaching Cleveland.

Cleveland's and northeast ohio's impact on the civil war

Students learn about the role that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio played in the Civil War. They learn about the cites that were used by the Union Army, the contributions that black soldiers from Cleveland made, and the loss experienced by soldiers from Ohio. 



The harlem Renaissance: langston Hughes

This lesson exposes students to Langston Hughes whose writing career was nurtured in Cleveland, Ohio, and whose personal history provides insight not only into the history of Cleveland, but to the social dynamics of a country coming to terms with its racial history.


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The association of ethnicity and drug use 

Students learn about the distribution of ethnicity and drug use in the Greater Cleveland Area. Students internalize the use of data to make sound conclusions.


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