Teaching Cleveland STUDENT CHALLENGE

The Teaching Cleveland Student Challenge (TCSC) provides area students with opportunities to meet incredible people, think deeply about issues that affect Cleveland, and contribute ideas and voices to the conversation that will help shape Cleveland in the future.


TCSC 2014-2015:  Sustaining a Culture of Innovation in Cleveland

In 1936 and 1937, at the height of its economic importance to the U.S., Cleveland hosted the Great Lakes Exposition. The Expo served as a celebration of Cleveland’s innovation and civic pride. How had Cleveland grown so quickly? Who were the entrepreneurs who had helped create the economic powerhouse that was Cleveland? And, in the 21st Century, as Cleveland aims to continue its economic and cultural renaissance, who are its movers and shakers? If Cleveland were to host a modern-day Great Lakes Exposition, what and who would it feature?

TCSC 2016-2017: Bridging the Racial Divide

Racial division in the United States continues to perplex communities like Cleveland. Students engaged one another by: exploring racial identity; studying the history of Cleveland and the African American experiences; recognizing the legacies of conflict and cooperation in Cleveland today; and identifying ways that they, as students, can choose to participate in bridging the racial divide

Future TCSC sessions will focus on Cleveland's history, its recent challenges, and its future possibilities.  Watch as area students unleash their creativity in thinking about the city we all love: Cleveland.  We are looking forward to returning to the TCSC in 2018.