Teaching Cleveland Student Challenge

The TCSC provides a year-long opportunity for area high school students to meet their peers and leaders from all over the region, think deeply about issues that affect Cleveland

Program Overview

The TCSC engages area high school students in an active exploration of one issue throughout an academic year. They work with students from other schools while learning about a topic in depth: its history, legacies, and what we can do about the issue today. Students and their teacher coaches meet with the cohort five times, starting in late September and ending in early March.

Along the way, students examine sources, collaborate on tasks, meet area leaders, and develop their own solutions to some of our community’s most vexing problems.

Challenges include:

  • How do we make NEO more sustainable?
  • How can we foster a culture of innovation in NEO
  • Whose voices get heard in politics and how can you raise your voice
  • How do you bridge the conversation about race?

TCSC 2024 Student Videos

Session A

Late September

Students explore the history of the topic, examining primary and secondary sources in small groups.

Session B

Early November

Students explore the legacies of the topic and make connections to what they see today around Northeast Ohio.

Session C

Early December

In small groups, students meet individuals and leaders of organizations and companies doing the work.

Session D

Late January

Students examine case studies of what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and examine creative ways to think about the issue.

Session E

Early March

Student groups present their original ideas to the community.

"Teaching Cleveland has given us the tools to use creativity and the intelligence that we already possess in order to better our community, and with that, to better our future."

~Delaney, TCSC 2023-24 participant

What Students Say

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