Teaching Cleveland offers three free lesson plans.

Upheaval in the Civil Rights Movement: Cleveland’s Hough Neighborhood

High school lesson plan in which students explore the factors that led to the Hough uprising, the events of the uprising, and the community responses.

WPA in Cleveland: Art of the New Deal

A middle and high school lesson plan in which students examine the Works Progress Administration in Cleveland during the Great Depression and the art it produced.

John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company

An 8th grade lesson plan in which students learn about John D. Rockefeller, his founding of Standard Oil, and the impact the company had on the Cleveland and national economy. 

Teaching Cleveland additional lesson plans, including:

  • Civil Defense in the 1950s
  • Cleveland’s Garment Industry
  • Cleveland’s Immigration History
  • Cleveland in the Civil War
  • Geometry and Cleveland Buildings
  • Langston Hughes in Cleveland
  • Civil Rights in Cleveland
  • Cleveland in the Great Depression
  • Cleveland Mayors
  • Cleveland’s Settlement Houses
  • Desegregation in Cleveland
  • History of Philanthropy in Cleveland
  • Industrialization in Cleveland
  • Progressivism in Cleveland

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