Engage your employees with meaningful learning experiences and conversations that connect the past, present, and future in personal ways.

Session 1

You and Your Community

What’s your story, what’s your organization’s story, and how do they connect with our community?

Session 2

The History of Your Community

Who came here, where did they live, what did they do, and how did they change the region forever?

Session 3

The Economy and Your Community

How has our economy changed over the years and what are today’s challenges and opportunities?

Session 4

Public Policies in Your Community

What policies have affected our community and what policies shape our lives today?

Session 5

Engaging with Your Community

Who is doing the work to make your community better, and how can you join them?

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“I so appreciate the opportunity to collaborate and learn from colleagues from different schools. I'm also excited to have a new stock of resources and teaching strategies to draw from!”

~ TCI participant, 2017


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