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First, we explore local content with local experts. Then, we brainstorm, collect themes, curricular touch points, and lesson ideas from the group, which the Teaching Cleveland team will shape into lessons or unit outlines that will be shared with you, our community of teachers.

This Year

Cleveland’s lakefront is a defining feature of the city’s natural and economic history, and its development is at the center of local policy and development conversations. This spring, Teaching Cleveland takes a deep dive into the issues and challenges surrounding the lakefront and examines them through three different lenses: sustainability and regional biodiversity, economic development and the built environment, and accessibility and inclusion.

What’s a Learning Lab?

Teaching Cleveland has gathered a roster of local experts to share their insights into the environmental, economic, and human factors that impact lakefront development, from different perspectives. Each Learning Lab is an opportunity to learn from local leaders and experts, connect with others who are interested in Cleveland’s success, and learn more about Teaching Cleveland.

Is it just for teachers?

Teaching Cleveland is dedicated to building informed and engaged Clevelanders who are positively changing our region. Though we curate our events with teachers in mind, anyone interested in the future of the city is sure to walk away having learned something new.

Event Details

Admission is $10 in advance and $15 the day of the event.  Your admission includes happy hour snacks and one drink ticket.

The Learning Labs will be held at Goldhorn Brewery.

Doors open at 4:30. Speakers start at 5:15.

Register and learn more about the topics and speakers here.


Speakers & Topics

April 11 – A Vibrant Lakefront – Vision and Collaboration for Development

Debbie Berry, Cuyahoga County

This is a moment when many organizations are coming together to plan and fund lakefront development and create alignment among businesses, government, and community. But we also know that the road to get here was not always smooth – learn more about the past, present, and future of downtown lakefront development from a woman who has been a part of the planning process for decades.


May 9 – A Sustainable Lakefront – Northeast Ohio’s Natural Border

David Beach, Writer and Activist

Lake Erie’s health and biodiversity are essential to the region’s success but key actions must be taken to ensure that the natural area can adapt and thrive. How are current plans for lakefront development going to impact the health of our greatest natural resource? What should be considered as we move forward?


June 6 – An Inclusive Lakefront – Planning for Accessibility, Diversity, and Belonging

PANEL: LAND Studio, Erika Hood, SYATT, others TBD

As the movement to make Lake Erie more physically accessible gains traction, how can we move forward to create a lakefront landscape that is not only attractive but welcoming to all? From infrastructure and amenities to businesses and attractions, we’ll discuss how we can design a lakefront that will adapt to the diverse wants and needs of the people who will use it.

VirTual Labs

A Conversation with Global Cleveland's Joe Cimperman

Use passcode: Q^9&JSq9

Building Community Wealth with Bradford Davy

A Conversation with Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Justin Bibb

A Visit to the Cozad-Bates House

A Conversation with David Giffels

Black Lives Matter and Black Perspectives Matter, Too: A Conversation with Randy McShepard

In-Person Labs

Reversing Redlining in the City of Cleveland

11/20/19: Featuring: Tania Menesse, Director of Community Development, City of Cleveland

Police Brutality and Youth-Police Interaction

01/22/19: Featuring: Ayesha Bell Hardaway, Director of the Social Justice Law Center at CWRU

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