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When the Teaching Cleveland team needs an environmental education partner – we turn to the Lead Safe Resource Center (LSRC). They have worked with our high school students in the Teaching Cleveland Student Challenge, and we can tell you that their team inspires people! They are Cleveland’s one-stop-shop for lead poisoning prevention education and resources and their team is totally committed to their work.

In 2021, the City of Cleveland passed a law requiring that all rental properties built before 1978 to have a Lead Safe Certification. For the record – more than 90% of all rental units in the city of Cleveland were built before 1978, and as you probably know – scientists are finding more links to the damage lead does to the human brain.

The LSRC provides support for property owners in navigating the lead remediation process, as well as connecting property owners to available financial assistance and vetted contractors. You can call a hotline with any questions about these topics. The LSRC also provides workforce training to help remediate lead in our community. Training includes a “Renovation, Repair, Painting” (RRP) course and a “Clearance Technician” course. They also offer a number of free classes to learn about lead safety for interested individuals, tenants, and property owners, such as “Lead 101,” which reviews what lead is and poisoning prevention measures anyone can do. 

If you are interested in learning more about their work and how you can work together to make Cleveland Lead Safe, check out their website:




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