What We’re Reading: October 2023


What We’re Reading: October 2023

Game Day!
Today in Cleveland Sports History
By Budd Bailey and Larry Pantages

Given Cleveland sports fans’ passion and dedication to their professional teams, it sometimes seems like every day in Cleveland is a game day. Now, though, every Cleveland sports fan can basically feel the thrill of game day every day of the year.

Veteran sports journalists Budd Bailey and Larry Pantages have produced Game Day! Today in Cleveland Sports History, which captures highlights of the thrills, disappointments, surprises, and tragedies that have made up professional, collegiate, and amateur sports in Northeast Ohio over the last 150 years.

This fun book has it all for diehard Cleveland sports fans. For instance, how many fans knew that June 4 held such importance in local sports history? On that day in 1967, 10 nationally known Black athletes (including Jim Brown, Bill Russell and Lew Alcindor) met in Cleveland to show public support for boxer Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be inducted into the U.S. military. Then, seven years later on the same date, the Indians’ famous promotion, “Ten-Cent Beer Night,” resulted in a forfeited game as some fans in the crowd of 25,134 stormed the field and fights broke out with Texas Ranger players.  

The book includes such highlights as the day the Indians won a major-league record 22 games in a row on Sept. 14, 2017.

Or, take November 6. On that day in Cleveland sports history:

  • In 1878, the Cleveland Press newspaper reported a decision to join the National League of baseball teams would be postponed because attendance was so small at a meeting to consider the question.

  • In 1980, the NBA announced an unprecedented decision involving the Cavaliers under the ownership of Ted Stepien — a ban on making trades after three key players and three future first-round draft picks were sent to other teams.

  • In 1995, Art Modell stood at a podium in Baltimore and announced the Browns would play home games there beginning in 1996.

Local publisher Cleveland Landmarks Press’ newest release provides more than 1200 vignettes of major moments in Northeast Ohio sports history – from the on-field and on-court memories to trades, hirings, firings, and tons of other noteworthy tidbits. The edition provides a daily exploration of the important moments of the Guardians, Browns, and Cavs as well as stories about Northeast Ohio’s links to professional hockey, golf, tennis, bowling, soccer, and auto racing. It also features Northeast Ohio Olympians, and highlights of many local colleges and universities, including Kent State University, University of Akron, Cleveland State University – and even Ohio State University. 

Game Day! is perfect for Cleveland sports fans who have grown up loving, suffering, cheering, and celebrating their favorite hometown teams and heroes. 

You can learn more and order a copy at Cleveland Landmarks Press.



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